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NEW UPDATE (12/19/2023)

HAI (Vanilla LOLCODE) - v1.1
LOLMOD - v1.1

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LOLCODE v1.1 (12/19/2023)
LOLCODE v1.0 (12/18/2023)

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BTW ...




I HAS A ...
I HAS A ... ITZ ...
I HAS A ... ITZ LIEK A ...
... R ...


BOTH SAEM ... AN ...
BIGGR OF ... AN ...
SMALLR OF ... AN ...


SUM OF ... AN ...
DIFF OF ... AN ...
MOD OF ... AN ...


SMOOSH ... AN ... AN ... AN ...
..., O RLY? YA RLY ... NO WAI ... OIC


..., O RLY? YA RLY ... NO WAI ...
NUH ...
TROOF ... -> Boolean
Boolean ... -> TROOF

A lot of help from with making this library!
*(Click on the link if you don't know what LOLCODE is.)

Ha ha! funny! (Once my aunt said I was uncool, so I made a C header file that adds slang to C.)

how does one do such a thing :skull:

sadly, it's 1% a serious project, 99% a joke...

Precompiler macros.

#define NoCap true
#define StraightUp void


I had to ask my little brothers b/c I don't know any slang.

funny! i've never programmed in lol code but i do know some of the syntax

oh cool!
i think in the next version (along with some blocks i didn't add) i'll work on the syntax...

hopefully this was a long time ago
cause now, i'm 100% sure little siblings are the worst people to learn slang from...

4 months ago.

alright, i think that's good enough

i saw a video that does something like that, but instead of c its a completely custom language (theres a normal version too)

ooh, i want to see that

hold on it might take a few hrs to find it bc im in school

oh alright

found it: GitHub - face-hh/bussin: An esolang in TypeScript, for heaven's sake.
It's called Bussin, the one with slang is Bussin X

my take on something like this


i did the one from the bussin x try catch and the random, didnt show because both of those are curses

wonder if you can guess what some of these are

noscope - delete block
yap about - broadcast
new bro with phone number - define block
holup - wait
fast - warp
holup II - pause
chat holup till - wait until
ayo whats ur - ask for
bro should fr - tell to
think again - repeat
grind - forever
chat keep doin this till - repeat until
iphone - call
chat is <> real? nuh uh - if <> then else
yeet - run
if chat says <> is real and if not - if <> then else
waffle - report
skidaddle - launch(?)
skiddaddle steps - move steps
skiddadle to x y - go to x y
skiddadle to [ v] - go to [ v]
nerd together - sum
phanum tax - difference
we aint got time for this - product
break time - quotient
moded client - modulo
smol - minimum
beeg - maximum
focus on - round
nerd. [ v] of - [ v] of
left - greater than
chat is this ? -
if fr - equal to
right - less than
chat is <> and <> real? - and
chat are <> or <> real? - or
nuh uh - not

yeet is launch
skiddadle is run

apart from that preatty sure its all correct

oh alright
i mean in my defense, take away the labels and it's the exact same block