Lockscreen Concept (Future Project?)


Was too lazy to add a functioning pin system
everything made by me

That's cute. I like the attention to detail in things like buttons getting brighter when you hover over them, that windowshade effect (it probably has an official name that I don't know) when changing state, etc.


Cool unlockscreen

What is the purpose of the red button? Schema to unlock?

its the emergency call button

i like the emergecy call animation, but i think it should be shorter and quieter, bc if someone is being robbed it would be so long and loud, then by the time the animation is over, theyd be... yeah.

it is short
and im too lazy to add a quiet toggle

and you wouldn't hear the sound that plays (I made it) :frowning:

is that the rave app or the emergency call app?


it sounds like rave music when you use the emergency call

Whenever I've accidentally activated emergency mode on my phone, it plays a loud sound at full volume. It's meant for emergencies, which by the way, it would scare away robbers. Plus, what if you're lost out in the wilderness, with no cell service? You make loud noises and hope someone finds you. I don't think keeping it loud is actually good for emergencies.

Then again this is a project made for fun, so it doesn't have to actually take these into consideration.

You make sure to arrange your life so that that never happens.

There are multiple ways you could try to call for help out in the wilderness. But as bh said, you should also bring equipment so that you can call for help with current technology if you're ever lost. Like, I don't know, bringing a shortwave ham wireless.

Actually what I had in mind is that you should avoid wildernesses! Cities ftw.

Cities, not skyscrapers

Ahead is a semi-rant. Cities, especially big cities, are awesome, but SKYSCRAPERS are definitely NOT!! So, so, so many birds fly into them and are killed not just yearly but daily. These big buildings take up space and energy and, while sometimes they look cool, they often just look like big hunks of metal.

Yeah, I know. But it's hard to know how they could have built up cities in limited areas (such as Manhattan, where I grew up) without growing vertically. No easy answers.

Those skyscrapers have blinking red lights at the top to warn away airplanes. The birds should just evolve to recognize them. <- jk

I see phone