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Hello, no need to be rude but I find it unfair that #local-communities:catalan-community and #local-communities:polish-polski have there own sub cat’s for local community when there are tons of other communities that do not. Why do only these two have a sub cat?

Because they're the only ones who have asked for subcats as of now

Yes @helicoptur , you are right.

And I think the first post under "Local communities" is clear: About the Local Communities category

And just to share with you...

We have already other community spaces where the "Catalan community" is talking and sharing (basically, Moodle spaces of different educational projects).
The idea to open these "Local communities" spaces is not to separate, but quite the opposite. We want to bring all these existing groups to the global project.
If we get it ... beyond that "own" space (to talk about local meetings or meet people who don't speak English) many of these people will also participate in the rest of the spaces and will be able to share and talk with all of you.


Two of our six core staff are from Catalunya, and we have an active user group there. They've also run a couple of Scratch conferences. So there really wasn't any question about that.

Polish is more of an experiment. We only had the one person asking, although we definitely have other Polish users. The question is whether the users I know exist, and maybe others I don't, will be encouraged by having a space to talk in their native language.

If you think we should add another subcategory, ask, and we'll see. But it'll help if 10 of you all want the same language.

#local-communities-english #local-communities-German #local-communities-spanish

is redundant, as most people on here speak English.

Are you just trying to be obnoxious and back us into a corner where we have to remove the feature? Or do you really have three native languages?

Take away English, Spanish seems reasonable, German, well who here speaks German?

No one(or maybe there is 1 or 2) speaks Spanish on Snap!. As much as I want a Japanese category no one on Snap! speaks Japanese so I don't ask for it.

You could say the same for me and Dutch.

alessandrito123 does.

That still isn't enough for a category.



Am learning it.