Loading Screen

I made a loading screen and used the write block correctly for like the first time.


Also: Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks

If you use it in a project please send me the link so I can check the project out.

Safe Mode inspiration and Testing for JS blocks: @jpecooldoo

You used my js Extensions tester :confused:

What's wrong with that?

no credit :frowning:

No I did not export your thing also it is very simple. You just use run and the JS command. If you want me to add credit I will.

Not trying to be greedy...
But yes pls. I created the original system and it looks exactly like mine.
P.S. Update to Lunar OS

So? That doesn't mean anything. It's a very simple script and pretty easy to come up with.

Uh, just to let you know I have you still muted.

Guys it’s fine just stop arguing about it. Joe help with Lunar OS.

I don't care. That's not related to the discussion at all anyway.

Your arguing isn’t related to this discussion either so stop.

I wasn't arguing. That was supposed to be a cap to the argument. It also wasn't supposed to be related to the discussion because I was talking outside of it.