Loading Error - "Cannot read property 'attributes' of null" with no backups

I was on Google Chrome at school, working on a large Snap! project for class. I saved it, reloaded the page and was treated to the error "Load Failed: TypeError: cannot read property 'attributes' of null". The project was blank and no recovered files could be loaded, even though I had saved it tons of times before the error. I'm not sure what version of Chrome I was on at the time (it was my school computer and I didn't think to check before I went home) but on my home computer this issue is still occurring on Chrome v78. No clue how this happened, but I've seen other people on the forum recently having this same problem. Is there any possible way to recover my file? I need to turn it in for a grade and I can't afford to lose it.

I was able to manually recover the project. There's now a project in your account called "Octo Bros (Recovered)" that should work.

Thank you so much! Have you guys figured out what's causing the issue?

Hi cycomachead- can you please help me? I have the exact, identical problem with my project titled "ferneas and fib". Can you recover it for me the same way you did on this one? This is urgent. Thanks!

Hi Cycomachead,

Any chance you could help me with the same problem? I'm getting the same "Load Failed: TypeError: Cannot read property 'attributes' of null" and it won't allow me to access any backups! I've tried in multiple browsers and on multiple computers.

Thank you!