Load URL problems

Screenshot 2024-05-17 8.30.37 AM
how do i make it never have this issue

Maybe you should look at what the load URL block is reporting.

im trying but it seems its reporting a list every time

interesting. sometimes the block returns without questions

https://opentdb.com/api.php is rate-limited; sometimes HTTP error code 429 is returned.
Also, this service seems to be using a unnecessary "spaghetti" encoding, i.e., mixed URI ("%") and HTML entities ("&", "&#").

you need to split the results by json

untitled script pic

bro. i did lol

can you send a script pic instead of a screenshot so we can look at the script? also, the part you have written in javascript can be done in vanilla snap code and is unnecessary

i think you should use the encode blocks in the dev mode