Load failed: Error: Expected “=” after attribute name

I need to open and share this program to show others, but every time I try to open it I get this error.
I’ve done almost everything I can think of like recovering, opening the code from another device, and reloading the page.
Is there any suggestions for this error? I would prefer that everything is recovered so that I don’t have to redo the code.


The file got corrupted while saving. If you don't have any versions downloaded, you're screwed. Sorry.

Unless you fix up the xml.

If you can, could you send the project XML?

The only thing I have saved of that project is a PDF with the sprites, code, stage, etc. that I can’t link to this reply. I can share the link through Google Drive though if you have any good ideas.

pretty sure they mean to download the project now to try and fix it
you have to be loading it from somewhere to get that error

Yeah I managed to grab it from the cloud
Lets fix this

If someone has an xml truncator can they run the file through it?

@joecooldoo - I had a play and I wonder if this is enough of the project for @ksisyu to carry on with


Nice! Here is the project with the errors fixed:
The costumes are not from the original project, but @ksisyu said they had all the assets.



Its not screwed :grin:


excellent work :slight_smile:

It’s definitely better than nothing. Thanks so much!