Live ISS Tracker

Here you can track the ISS Live!

Thanks to for ISS Data

Lovely :slight_smile:

I didn't know about that api - excellent find :slight_smile:

PS Can I suggest (and this applies to all Snappers showing projects) to include some screen grabs if possible as it makes it more inviting to check the project out :slight_smile:



This has been updated to the dev version so you no longer need to enable JS. (For the map blocks)

Small thing. Not very important but in the Velocity variable, you put [vel] mph ([vel] km). It should be "km/h".

I've used your project as a test case for adding one of my dropdown menus from the Mayflower project.


It wasn't quite as easy as just dropping a couple of sprites into your project so I'll have to make it more portable before I offer it up to other people to incorporate into their projects


I made it do the same thing but using a variable slider.