List view bug

I was working on Triangle rasterization. i was meh :man_shrugging: then my list view started glitching for no reason.

if i double click a value, it shows that its not broken. only visual bug.
i realised that it doesnt happen if i drag my reference points (blue dots and their location) around and press green flag. but it happen if i click green flag again.

not sure if its affecting my code because im still working on that and bugs are expected for me :man_shrugging:

it only happens in editor mode

That's not a bug. It's how table view works when you have lists of lists of lists or deeper, because we can only show the top two dimensions on the screen. So you have to choose one of the sublists to see the rest of it. You can right-click to switch to regular list view if you want, but that's not very readable for deep lists of lists either.

oh I didnt know that. there isnt a bug here then lol