List to String

So I am making a coding language shell in Snap, and it works like this:

The computer takes the input, makes the input into a string so it can figure out what is one of the commands (Say the command is a print command from Python). It takes that line out and outputs it into the list.

But, I want to make it into a text, not list. It is outputting a list into a list. So can someone tell me how to convert a list into a string? That'll be GREATLY appreciated!

join words

You know you can right click a script and click "script pic...", right?

I wanted them to see the whole screen

I did!

Oh, sorry, it looks like you took it with a very low-quality camera. Please forgive me.

if you don't want any spaces between each item of a list, then just do

[scratchblocks] (join (list) @addInput :: operators) [/scratchblocks]

But I DO want spaces


That's why I suggested dispatched colors script pic rather than dispatched colors script pic (1). The middle input has a space in it.

(It's because of examples like this one that we invented the brown-dot notation for spaces in text inputs.)

list to string script pic
here is the block list to string by sweetiepeh1 - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (
with the block, replace the blank text area with any character you want (like spaces)
and put a list to the list area

using combine is much faster, and doesn't add another delimiter (is that the right word?) at the end.


i just fixed that, also, i made that for quicker "list to string"

list to string script pic

i like making things the hard way instead of using 1 simple block

@slate_technologies probably wants the program to run as fast as possible.

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