List reporter library!

I have made more custom blocks! (Check them out here.)
Most of these are list reporters! They do the exact same as their block counterparts, except report the output. Two of these blocks, though, are specialized loops!

Blocks included:
Screenshot 2022-05-10 09.19.00

Note: for (i) in list [list] is a relabeled for each item in list. I did this really late at night haha

Does DELETE report the deleted item or the new list?

It reports the list

I'm not sure, but I think if I were doing this I'd report the deleted item, since the user already has a pointer to the list. With the item, you can define POP %STACK as
report (delete 1 from (stack))

Nice ideas

I'm thinking that maybe they could have a dropdown with options as to what they report?

i.e add returns the list at the moment but I can see situations where returning the new length of the list might be nice

And so on
(i'm seeing my post overlapping with Brian's comment as I'm typing)

Hmm... yeah, that makes sense.

Interesting, I made the same exact library (except for the two c-shaped blocks) but never told anyone about it.