List keeps on getting small

So,I am trying to do a project involving lists,but the list is keep on getting smallest size

I tried to manually make it bigger,but it reset every time i clicked the flag,I could try to display the list in another way than setting a variable to the list,but i do not know any other way(I am a bit new to snap!)


for each (item) in (C/_):
write [item] size 24

Welcome to Snap!.

Near the beginning of your green-flag script you have
lenauOS alpha 0.0.1 script pic
which sets the variable to a one-item list, just as it says.

If you just leave out that command, then the variable will maintain the value it had before. I'm guessing you have that SET block in the code because the very first time you run the program, the value of the variable isn't a list, and so you can't APPEND to it. If that's the concern, you could do this:
lenauOS alpha 0.0.1 script pic (1)

It is not exactly that,so every time i click the flag,it goes in the top-left corner does not cover the whole screen,and i want it to cover the whole screen,and if i do it manually,it resets to covering a small area in the top-left corner if i click the flag again,so is there any way to fix that?

Oh, I see. Yes, it's about that same block. If you want the watcher (the picture of the list on the stage) to stay big, don't replace the variable's value with a new list. Instead, do
preloaded libraries script pic
(click the arrowhead in the first input slot to find the word "all") and then add items with
preloaded libraries script pic (1)
instead of using SET. That way, even as the list's items change, it's still the same list. Calling LIST or APPEND makes a new list and then using SET resets the watcher size.

Thanks! It works!