List conversion (Scratch and Snap!)

I must be missing something in Snap!. I have made many programs with variables and lists in Scratch 1.4 and moved straight over to Snap! as soon as I could. But I am stuck on the simplest 'List' creation, - its just so different to what I have been used to. I know that Snap! is better (much more sophisticated) but I am unsure how to implement and display a simple list in Snap!, ( I am OK with variables) it's just the list function that confuses.

I can work out what to do if I just had a couple of SNAP! examples!
Hopefully you Snap! coders can point me in the right direction... (please!)

This is a simple way of transitioning from Scratch to Snap! lists

In Scratch - normal variables can only use/hold numbers and letters so lists were separate from them

In Snap! variables can use/hold anything so to create a Scratch-type list in Snap, you create a variable first and then set that variable to be a list
(Actually you need to click on the left arrowhead to give yourself an empty list to be the same as Scratch)


Then you can use the same blocks in Snap! as you used in Scratch




Hi, @xplorer-tutor! Welcome aboard.

The Scratch-style imperative list programming that @cymplecy showed is one of three basic ways to work with lists in Snap!. The others are recursive functions and higher order functions. Chapter IV of the Reference Manual explains them all.

I agree, Scratch is a little boring and I have had problems too. But unfortunately I'm new and don't spend much time on Scratch. Though I can give you some tips! :slight_smile:

I'm new too, I have a Scratch, but it's a secret :smirk: Anyways, I'm Sableye, a Sableye, Want to be friends?