LIST as default value for block parameter

Hi all,
I was looking at custom blocks and the default values of the parameters.
Is there a way to have a LIST type parameter have a default of an empty list?


To make it more clear, here is my block code:


@ snapenilk
I do not think what you have provided is a default value, the way I intended it to be.
My version of default value would make itself present at the block use level, without me making an entry into the field. And with a list, I do not know if this is possible in Snap.
If I doctor up my block to show what I mean or intend to happen, it would look like this:

Ugh, that's a confusing error message! It's not getting a number; it's getting nothing. On the when-things-slow-down list...

We're in a feature freeze right now, because Jens is rewriting Morphic and can't be distracted by other changes, but we've been talking about allowing dragging expressions into the default value field for any kind of input slot. So you could drag an empty LIST block, or (LIST DOG BIRD CAT) for that matter, into that field. Someday.

Hi @tguneysu,

Then, you can use the "multiple inputs" slot option


With this, you haven't the red list reporter, but the white slots are running in the same way:



@ jguille2
That worked really good, Joan. Thx.
The strange thing is that one has to use the leftarrow on the parameter and make the list icon disappear in order to get an "empty List".
Anyway, I'm happy.