Links to recordings

Hi all, are Zoom recordings from yesterday already avalalble?

From what I remember from last nights ohyay chat, they won't be available until Saturday


I think our policy is to edit out the pre- and post-session comments that people might not want preserved for posterity. This takes a little while but not forever. Jadga has done most of the work for past conferences.

They will probably take a little while this time. We haven't even gotten to the december ones...

I hope for this conference (that unfortunately I couldn't follow much live, with many parallel sessions I was interested in) this will be completed a little sooner :wink:

Videos are now up on YouTube. Here are playlists:

all videos:
all plenaries and panels:
all short talks:
(all) workshops:

Thanks a lot for being so quick!

Just trying the turn your phone into personal AI assistant and the link in the video is for the German language version of the Snap! project

Here is the link to the video

and the English version of the project

All due to Jadga and Michael!

That video is yours?! YOU PRESENTED?!

Why is that surprising?

I'm just surprised.