Lightning Talks: Snap! in Moodle

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Presented By: Joan Guillén i Pelegay


Presentation (demo) of the new Moodle plugins for the Snap! family**. We have now Snap*!, Snap4Arduino, BeetleBlocks and TurtleStitch submission plugins in Moodle and also the possibility to build your own Snap!* distro plugin.

You can add Snap! project submissions to your assignments**. All your data (users and projects) is stored in your own campus.

This lightning talk will show you these new features, how to install and use them and also future options.

In 5 minutes? Yes, it's really easy!
Although there are deeper issues behind this that would be good to share and discuss: private and secure assignments vs sharing and cloud features, school-classroom activities vs community life...

Hi everybody!

Can't wait to see you all in 1 hour!!

And two hours later, this presentation: Snap! in Moodle

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