Lightning Talks: How Much CS Does an Artist Need?

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Presented By: Joachim Wedekind


If an artist wants to make digital art (pictures, installations ...) of course knowledge of suitable tools is needed. But soon the question arises whether the knowledge of the tools is sufficient or whether real computer science skills are necessary after all.

I will present simple examples of recoding early computer art and will then show how more in-depth knowledge helps to realize more challenging works.

Format: Slides & demo, just me


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The beauty.
Also: it looks like a shell!

I tried to download a SVG to plot from this example
Log Pen Vectors is on, but I only can export a PNG.
Any ideas?

you have to activate "Log pen vectors" first in the tool menu.

I tried that... in a couple of ways.
First log pen vector then green flag, green flag -> log pen vector...
but it only shows pic when I rightclick on the stage (icon). All other programs do have svg as option when I click right.

ok, the cause is probably that the clones just show their costumes, but they don't draw on the stage. Pen trails only exports drawn lines.
As you want to export a static picture, you can use this static version, where everything is drawn on the stage ...

Hope this helps.

btw, Dan had asked me after the presentation, what I was missing in Snap! compared to Processing. it only occurred to me now: Perlin noise would be extremely helpful, as it allows a whole class of new images. Does anyone have any ideas/materials or even Snap! procedures for this?

I stole the noise function from p5.js.