License for Images Uploaded to the Forum

What are script pics and other images uploaded here licensed under?

(I could not find a better category for this so am just putting it here as the reason I am asking this is that I need to upload some script pics to the wiki.)

Script pics, since they contain projects, are implicitly licensed CC-BY-NC-SA, but project authors can use more permissive licenses; in particular, the NC clause prevents a project from being officially considered "free software," which some people care a lot about. (I do not mean to imply that I'm not one of them, although I do think it's less important for Snap! projects than for tool software intended for a user community more widespread than Snap! 's.)

Script pics aside, I believe that Wikipedia allows only images licensed CC-BY-SA or broader, but I'm not sure. But of course there's no reason you have to adopt their rules. As in all things Snap!, there are laws and you should follow them, I guess, but in practice it's unlikely that any corporation would bother with us.

So does that mean we cannot use them on the wiki (even if we explicitly state that the pictures are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA) beacuse we use GPLv3 which does allow commercial use?

Oh, I see, took me a while to parse this, but by "them" you mean script pics, right? Or do you mean the wiki itself is under GPL and therefore other people's pictures can't be used? You could consider saying something like "This wiki is licensed under GPLv3, except for images imported from outside of Snap!, which are licensed as indicated in their ____." (Fill in the blank with wherever you put this information.)


That helps a lot. Thank you very much.