Library request: Image Blocks

So i've made this program and it can create images, could the blocks be a new library possibly?

Nice project.

I'm wondering, if we're going to have a library like this, whether it wouldn't be better to write it with JS Function, because all those things are Canvas primitives. It depends whether it's mainly a library to use or a library to learn from, I think.

I think it could be used for both using and for learning because it simplifies a lot of code for image generating and you can look inside to get a good idea of how to do it. I think writing it in JS would be a bit messy, i attempted it and it wasn't really that efficient. I already spent like 7 hours on the project lol (2 hours to do the gradient function, i was getting a bit confused at that moment.)

OK I'll give it a serious look tomorrow.

By the way, is there any chance i could DM you because like 1 month ago I got auto-IP banned by the system (no, not because I did anything super ultra mega-bad or created something innapropriate), but because I tampered around on the code of another project not made by me and ran some blocks, somehow something, somewhere, flagged me for something and perm banned me for apparently running a line of code.

If you want more information, like the project link, then reply

You already posted about this, on Github iirc. When you say "auto-IP banned by the system," what system do you mean?


I responded, my email ends with wl, anyways after checking it out do you think it should be a library?

So, I think a Canvas drawing library could be useful, but I have two reservations:

  1. If it's going to be cuspy enough for us to promote, it really should provide the complete JS Canvas functionality. I don't see "draw line from here to there," for example.

  2. I have mixed feelings about the fact that you draw on a small image, rather than on the complete stage (with Snap! coordinates rather than JS ones). Your way would be good for building a sprite costume, but not for, you know, a complete drawing. On our list for someday is the ability to create independent stages, each in its own window; I can see how people could find it really useful to create drawings in different windows. What led you to the design choice you made?