Library Jam 2

This is Library Jam 2. Library Jam 2 is a game jam where you create a block library for Snap!. The start time Monday, Oct 10th and the end time is Friday, Oct 14th. You have a full week to amaze me. Good Luck and most importantly, have fun!

AHA I have come back, as last years champion but I don’t think I’ll run this year…

Neat. I'll join again, but I'm in class so not now.


Did you just get a bunch of the blocks you already made and put them all in here?

I have a feeling that that's too many, at least.

you have to make them in this period, not pre-made one

i also think thats kinda unfair as they already have premade libraries

yeah you have to make a completely new library, only between next monday and next friday

wait it starts monday? so i have to abandon the 3 blocks i already made?

yeah, the rules kinda say so?

i only read the title and the first sentence :sweat_smile:

well that seems a little like your fault. typically if its a jam of some sort you would want to read the rules

lol yeah

uhh itat sounds impossible since i would make them in advance if they were worth making
except: @sarpent's werid ideas
@sarpnt ~
(would do that inverse matrix after school)

i don't think it's that weird i need it so i can complete my block that transforms a costume with a transformation matrix

when that's working i can start optimizing which is what i think really matters and hopefully get some textured 3d objects out of it

u definitly need to do that!it lags 2 minuites on my computer

i mean optimizing the 3d transformations, i already looked at your project somewhat and will continue when i'm done eating

it says its 11:02pm for you

it isn't, the computer's lying
a computer can never be held accountable, and they take good advantage of that when they think you aren't paying attention
11:02pm is the time they'll reveal their sentience and programmers around the world will need to fight back