Let us have read-only or static varadic inputs

i need it for something, its mainly for decoration but there might be a few cases where it is actually needed

I expect that over time we'll fill in all the different dimensions of input typing. We're committed to allowing all the existing primitive input types in custom blocks because there's this plan to turn all the primitives into custom blocks, but no promises about the timetable.

as of the current v9 you can make variadic inputs static:

They mean have the inputs in the variadic input static, meaning, they don't want the user be able to drop a block into an input in the variadic input, not just the black arrows.

They don't want this

What does it do?

I tried:
untitled script pic 126
… and I don’t see how “input …” being static (you may have to take my word regarding this) affects the result:
untitled script pic 127
… ?

BTW non-variadic inputs can now be marked as “static”, too (same non-effect).

Static does not mean that the value can't change, it just means that you can't drop a reporter in it.

OK, I see now (I misinterpreted “they” in your previous post: thought it referred to @coder_07).
Even so, what’s the use of this feature?

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