Let us change our Snap! username!

i have a idea that will make us even more different then scratch!

it would be cool that you can only change your username every 30 days

reply if you have any feedback, ideas, questions or anything!

I agree.

I don't think so. That would create a problems with Snap!* servers. Probably ]
developers won't accept this request.

I disagree. I think that usernames are meant to stay with you the whole time. It would also cause a lot of confusion when someone very active on the forum decides to change their username, and then no one can tell who this new guy is. It would also mess with the way snap saves projects. If you've noticed, in snap project urls, it contains the author, and the project title. It would make a whole lot of projects unfindable if someone with a ton of projects changes their username. They'd have to reinvent the snap cloud to let people change their usernames.

You could say that you were @ego-lay_atman-bay before you changed your Snap! username.

Also you can keep your profile picture anyways.

I said Forum, not Snap!

you log into the forum using your snap account... also, you never said forum, you just said Snap! username (in the topic title).

At the beginning consider why scratch doesn't have a possible to change a username then
think would it be in Snap! :-/

Well, if they allow username changes, they will of course reinvent the cloud, but if they add some former name thing on the users profile picture, then people will know it's that guy.
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I would say if you want to change your username, it's probably because you didn't like the old one, and having it show up on your profile would be annoying.
Maybe on their next forum post it would say "formerly whoever" next to their name for a while, but that sounds like a Discourse feature request.

Like how the forum says to welcome a new user, or to welcome back someone who hasn't posted in a while?


Or maybe at least display names.

This weighs down servers. Also it'd cause many problems.

I do think that seems more implementable than just a full-on username change.

kinda agree to display names.

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