Legend of Link

Hi everyone, I made a Legend of Zelda like game with snap, the description and link to it is down below. Please use this forum to post any feedback, bugs, potential improvements, high scores, or other discussion surrounding the game. Thank you :smiley:

"Welcome to The Legend of Link, a wave-based action game where you play as beloved hero Link as you slash your way through an endless hoard of spear-wielding enemies! Using the arrow keys to move, A to attack, and D to defend, your goal is to defeat as many enemies as you possibly can to get the highest score possible. Any feedback to improve this game or future games I make is appreciated. If you enjoy it, feel free to share your high score as well!"

I saw it on the new projects list on the main website, and it's pretty cool. Maybe make it so that you can move diagonally as well by holding down two arrow keys.

Thank you for the feedback, I think that would be a useful improvement as well. Thank you for playing!

Score: 250
For the first two levels you can just hold a make it that that doesn't give you immunity. Maybe add special powers?

Thank you for the feedback, I can implement a fix for that I think. And powers would be interesting, that's a good idea. Thank you for playing, and nice score!

this is really nice! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing!

The music was from Legend of Zelda, and the game wasn't too bad. It was really nice to play a game that has Zelda music.

Isn't this basically related to Legend of Zelda?


I'm just mentioning it to people who don't really know the relation to the two games.