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I’m surprised this isn’t added yet, but how about a reporter for what layer a sprite is on? It’s one of the few things that an be changed but not be reported, so why not have it, you could ask a sprite for its layer, you could lock a sprite to a layer, you could go to another sprite’s layer, it would be amazing!


In many image editing programs, there is a feature called layers. Layering can enable putting one image on top of or beneath another for cool effects. In Snap!, there are blocks to go to the back layer, move up one layer, or move down one layer. However, there are no reporters to report a sprite's current layer. This request is for a reporter that reports a sprite's layer.

There technically is, it's just not super obvious. If you ask the stage for (my [other sprites]), it reports a list of all sprites and clones in layer order. Just find the index of (my [self]) in the list to get the layer number.

There isn’t actually a block for moving a sprite up a layer, only down, that should also be added

You can move a sprite up a layer by puttung in a negative number. But yeah, I do agree, these workarounds are not obvious, and we would benefit from a layer reporter, and maybe even adding a menu to the go back layers to add going up.

Well that’s uhh, I guess sorta expected just, like, not obvious really

Also going to a specific layer would be really nice

if you need a layer system, @dardoro share this with me (a long time ago! Thank's)

look at this

It need JS

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layers script pic (2)
layers script pic (1)
Here are some blocks for layer functions. (You can drag them into the editor, I think.)

nah i mean that this is redundant topic

this is the original

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