"Launch" & yield lifecycle problem

processManager script pic (7)
I've expected that the "launched" script should be run right after the main script yields. But it took two consecutive yields to execute the newly created process.
processManager script pic (8)

Is this expected for some reason? Why?

I'd ask why would you expect the launch to complete at any specified time?

I think of it as a fire and forget

If I want to make sure it's completed, I use a semaphore variable and wait till it's valid before continuing processing in my main script

I experiment with implicit processes control.
So I want to build a sleek & simple
processManager script pic (12)
instead of
tout test script pic (1)
processManager script pic (13)

That's my script pic, right?

Yes :slight_smile:

My attempt on ask with timeout using a clone to run the two scripts in parallel