Launch block bug

When you use a Launch block and put a block that contains an error then if you run it, it doesn't return errors. So it's a bug. FIX THIS BUG
untitled script pic (4) = error
untitled script pic (3) = no error
FOR EACH (Variable) IN (list) is an example of error

Launch just starts the process, so something underneath will run right after the launch block. If there is an error, it's not going to stop the rest of the script. The command in the launch block will simply stop.

The launched script isn't separately shown in the scripting area, so there's really no good way to put a red halo around it. I suppose if a launched script errors we could put a copy of it in the scripting area just for the purpose of showing the error, but that would be a new feature you're asking for. Speaking of which,

I know you think you're being funny, but "I'm going to pretend I'm an obnoxious person" humor gets old fast.