Last key pressed detection

I need to get the last key pressed for a program I'm making. My best go is too lag-inducing. Any ideas?
BariLang script pic

As a matter of fact, here's a very simple script to get the last key pressed.

Note, that pullout only appears when the drop-down is set to “any key”

(Not sure how stuff like that is going to work in 10.0 tho)

hats aren't editable in 10.0

I think he means getting the custom block editor to do everything the primitives can.


And yeah that’s what I ment because that’s what 10.0 is supposed to be doing

Way simpler! (Guess I'm still thinking like a scratcher. :sweat_smile: )

Is there a way to try 10.0?

untitled script pic
I got this in the 10.0 preview.

That’s not 10.0 exclusive it’s in every version

I know. I was trying to say that It still works.

I know.

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