Language keeps constantly switching

Sometimes I noticed that my community site language has changed, even when I don't actually change it. This usually happens when I want to view my projects via navigation bar. I do not even hover the language thing (globe icon).

What's happening and how to fix?

I think it's time for you to get a new computer given all the strange things that happen to you :slight_smile:

get a new computer

this also happens on my mobile phone, so it's not a computer problem

This happened again...

I do not choose the "language" thingy

Random language? "Catala" is related to your phone/computer locale?
Maybe you are using a "private mode" or some form of privacy shield ("hardened" browser, antivirus, firewall) and your preferences are wiped out at some point.

maybe a vpn...

No, that's not my computer locale. I don't know what's exactly.

If you're using Tor, the website might be being retrieved from another country.

No, my laptop is a Windows 10/11 with Microsoft Edge 107.