Label your sprites

This is an example project for creating transparent labels, i.e. sprites, and has a simple placement block to put the label near the sprite similar to ancient HPGL2 labels. It uses the cool 'paste on [object] with [compose]' block created by @Dardaro, in the thread about drawing holes.

That's a nice project -- the beginning of dynamic geometry software.

Once you generate the label and position it near the underlying point sprite, you could use the block
Untitled script pic (1)
to anchor the label to the point. If the label were unchanging (unlike your case with the coordinates included) you could then entirely forget about making the label follow the point.

What do you mean by that? Sounds interesting.

Oh. You can probably web-search it, or else search for Geometer's Sketchpad or Cabri, the two main commercial examples. It's for learning geometry by constructing figures and then seeing how they change as you move around the initial points. Lots of fun.

Yep. This is a really nice implementation: