Kumi3_0 account not deleted

so i went to delete Kumi's account because she won't be using this or other sites again(please don't ask why she can't,but no its not because shes banned)and i can still see the account on the forums

it's 3_0 not 3,0 ............

Watch this

so its bullshit because the accounts on these sites were EVEN the same ONE

I could delete the account but am reluctant to do so because it's been used in the past day.

The forum lets you log in via your Snap! cloud user, and the first time you try to log in it creates a new forum user for you and associates it to your cloud account, but when a user is removed from the cloud it isn't automatically removed from the forum, that's why you're still seeing the account in the forum but not in the community site.

i regret to inform you that this account will not be used by the person as she is not with us anymore (please don't flag me)

Yes, I understood that the first time, but in actual fact it was used after you said that. Is someone else using the account?

I get that there's something sensitive about this situation and I don't mean to pry, but you must see that we can't delete an account that's being used on the say-so of a third party.

sorry i didn't respond,but i deleted my account because i'm planning on not using the forums anymore

what did kumi do

sorry hero again on a different account because reasons-Kumi died

should go after

while you have to log in your account to delete it so its a Dead Mutex.

i'm confused now...did i have to delete the kumi account on the forums and the main site?

dude you wrote kumi3,0, proof

i did both bro

Don't tell me i did something wrong

why do you want to delete it?

how do you know?