Keys on chrome os not registering

@bh idk why but on keys that aren't enter or the arrow keys, I have to hold the key down for snap to register it.
This is happening on a multitude of projects, but idk why.
I'm on chrome os btw.
Can you please fix this soon?

I need to change this so it not similar

So - are you saying that if you just tap on the spacebar - this doesn't work?

I have to hold it down

What about in Scratch (online version)?

What about in other programs?

on other things it works
but idk about scratch
one sec


When did it start occuring?

Let's see, I think sometime in late January.
or early February

Are you able to run a different browser in chromeOS?

probably but this is school issued, so no I personally can't.

wait we're in 7.2.5? I just cleared my cookies, see if that works.
also, ow my eyes
edit nope, It didn't

Can you open up Snap! and then press F12 function key so the JS developer tools come up and then click and hold on the normal refresh browser button and then select empty cache


I already cleared my cookies, that didn't work.
also unfortunately my school turned off dev tools, but I can try in settings.

I think your best contacting your tech support at school

Also, check if any of your fellow pupils have the same issue as you

ok, but I think the way chrome os tells snap isn't going through.
Idk, I know how windows works, but no idea how chrome os does.

You can only say that that is true on your machine :slight_smile:

Need to check with other ChromeOS users to get more information on the extent of the problem.

99.9% of the time I think something is broken in Snap! turns out to be something broken on my machine :slight_smile:

I have asked Slade scar multiple times to test out a project I made to see if the error is the same.

Shift click the reload button to clear the cache. Either that, or go into the browser setting to clear all the cache.

Do you means "when ... key pressed" or Snap! editor itself.

Did you try new empty project just to test keys?

I wouldn't have to, ever single project that uses "when key pressed" blocks acts the same way