this extension is a encryption extension using unicode and keys

how keys work:
keys are passwords used for security, to generate a key, use the generate key block, to reset the key, use the erase key block

the encrypt and decrypt blocks require a correct key, this is for security

Cool project! Encryption is a fun thing to work on and try out. However, simply returning the Unicode code for each letter is not very secure encryption, as anyone can simply reverse it (without needing the key).

If you're interested in making more tools to practice encryption, I'd recommend trying to make an XOR Cipher (google it!). It's a fun challenge.

ill try to make it more secure

You should look up encryption methods like RSA or other encryption systems (symmetric or asymmetric)

I have a project on RSA if you’re interested: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

if you didnt know, that project was my inspiration

Had a feeling but wasn't sure about it