Hi, this project is VERY buggy, I had it working right then tried to add saving and messed it up with the backspace function. Almost everything works except for saving documents and using backspace. Try typing a sentence and you can also use “enter”.

Link: Keyboard

Ooo, I love it!

But I do have to turn on JS Extensions...

Yeah I first made this a long time ago when they were not a thing. I hate having to enable them:(

ok, so when I clicked on save as, the save dialog kept on popping up. Please fix this because people who don't have the save dialog pop up, and just have it automatically download, will get a bunch of useless files.

For the backspace code, you can paste a white square on the last character

I agree, but since this was made

I don't think earth would add any more functions (Unless he wants to continue his old projects)

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when i hit enter, what i typed on the last line gets copied onto the current line
Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 8.55.07 PM

Yeah I had it working before I tried to add saving.