Key Pressed Blocks

I made a "key pressed?" block that can report values that aren't in the normal "key pressed?" block.

For example, in the normal "key pressed?" block, there isn't a "Alt" key option, "Backspace" key option, "Enter" key option, "Tab" key option, or "Shift" key option. So I added them in. You don't need to give me credit if you want to use this block, but it is recommended.

@sirhopsalot I think this would be good for starting a speedrun timer for your competition.

Iv'e already created this in my custom blocks collection.

Oh. I wished someone told me that...

Also you cant do escape because escape stops all scripts.

In my custom blocks project I added support for the control key.

You should have asked :slight_smile:

But it's a good exercise :slight_smile:

it doesn't in full screen or on the project page

I have my own. its like the same.