Keep watchers in place after mini stage mode

Yes, I switched stage mode. That's why these watchers will always move out of their places. It would be great to have blocks to set their positions. Or force them to remember them.

Moved this to feature requests so we'll see it next time we look for little things to fix. :~)


You can't declare variables in a function declaration parameter.

retrun is not a valid token, and the reporter doesn't return the same x that I set the watcher to (I'll fix it I am still stuck, but I might be on the right track)

Fixed, I think.

Okay, this bug keeps happening to Kevin MacLeod Music Repository. The watchers were off a little, especially Stage Piece Control Commands, so I went inside the project, made the stage big, dragged them close together, saved it (making sure it saves before closing), reloaded the project page, and they have moved so much farther away!

To prevent the bug from happening, the watchers need to be kept in place.

Yay! The bug didn't appear this time! :~)

Was the bug fixed?

It seems like it. I don't think I read anything here that said something like that.