Keep Pictures In the Same Quality

The pictures which are selected for profile headers/ user card background become of so poor quality after they are selected. Here's the original look of the flag of Australia you can see in my profile, which I am currently using because of our Independence Day:
Just visit my profile to see how it looks there. I request the Snap! Developers to support these pictures in high quality.

You started with a tiny, tiny picture -- there's no way we can add pixels that aren't there. Try this one:

Well, technically you can add pixels that aren't there using super-resolution.

And this is an active area for machine learning (e.g. Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution). The simple way of doing it is to train the neural net with images where the input is lower resolution versions of the output. Obviously there are limits to how much it can do.

Umm, okay, Ken, feel free to implement that in Discourse! :~)

More pragmatically, you can find (on Wikipedia) an Australian flag in vector format, and of course that can be expanded as much as you want.

This one works better:
alonzo (3)

In the original size:

Great! It worked well! Thank you.