[KIM]: Talk to me please, www.kim.ai.en/earth

I worked hard on this, open for suggestions.

I don't understand.

What is this, an AI Chatbot?

Because if it is, I don't see any "Intelligence" in this "AI" Chatbot.

When I say "Hello" Kim replies "I do not care about your request."

What's the point of this? Why are there so few commands? Why is Kim so rude? What does K.I.M. stand for?

Ugh, I recognize the layout of Kim. I sent these links to my friends. Its a rickroll link if I remember. DONT CLICK ACCEPT

Kim is supposed to be rude, Kim is really just a joke. It stands for nothing just Kim. It is not done yet that’s why there is little commands.

Oh. Well, that's a shame. If you say that Kim is supposed to be rude, then I'll have a hard time giving positive comments about this project on here,

That’s fine.

Why is the topic title K.I.M. then...?

I think it's supposed to be meaningless.

Cause it won’t let me put Kim.