Just WHY?!

This is a bug I had. Actually it was one of three bugs I had while trying to start a project.

The first bug I had was when it took like A BILLION SECONDS to save the project. I don't have a screenshot of it nor did I have a video but trust me, it's happened.
The second bug I had was this bug:
The third bug I had was that I couldn't save the project on Snap! cloud. I don't have a screenshot, yet again, but, as with the first bug, it has happened.

I demand an explanation (I know, I'm a Kyle (Male Karen). SO PLEASE BE QUIET.) as to why this is happening.

Jens said that the next update will fix these bugs. From what I remember, your error (missing element <stage>) might be because the stage element was saved in the wrong spot. At least that's what I found the first time that error occurred.

Just wanted to post this here, I have gotten this error when trying to open a project

I also get this when trying to download the project from the community site (on mobile)

Jens will probably fix this bug by next week.