JSON Parsing

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As I was importing some JSON data, I noticed that decimal values with more than 2 digits of decimal parts were being dropped.
I have changed the data format to bracket the field by double-quotes to ensure data transfer.
It still dropped the decimal portions of the time field, even though it should be considered string data.


Here is the JSON data to paste into SPLIT by JSON block:

{ "1 " : { "time" : 1501153022.1045, "adc" : 664, "volts" : 2.14, "bars" : 6.48}}

{ "1 " : { "time" : "1501153022.1045", "adc" : 664, "volts" : 2.14, "bars" : 6.48}}

It has no problems with 2 position decimal data as seen in volts and bars fields.
JSON specs indicate 'multi-digit' + '.' + 'multi-digit' sequences are valid.

Did you expand the B column to be certain that the decimal part was dropped?

OK, I feel totally STUPID !
No did not, and it was correct !

I thought the table view would display the field completely, but that is not the case.

Sorry (...move on, these are not the droids you are looking for )! :slight_smile: