JS library

In theory we can make a block that converts scrips into JS. this would allow more complex and long scripts to be run faster.

Does anyone know of where i can get the library of all the snap JS commands

They're spread out across different .js files in the source code. Also, I think 10.0current version already has a way to do this.
While writing this, I found it:
untitled script pic (18)
You need to enable both "JIT compiler support" and "Javascript extensions" in settings to see it though.

It's also important to know that JIT compiler support is currently experimental, so some things will most likely not work. It's best to not rely on it.

To show up the JIT compiler option, the user needs to shift-click the settings button.

doesnt work

What do you mean?

input code into it then put that code in a js block it doesnt work

Because it outputs JS code.

Wow! Very interesting.

then put that output into a js block

no. It outputs JS code, just like the JS block.

then try running the output


hmm. why cant i copy the output and run it

what do you mean?