JS functions are undefineds

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  2. JS functions are undefineds
  3. go to https://snap.berkeley.edu/snapsource/snap.html, drag a JS function into the first of a <is [5] a [number v]> block, test it with builtin values, drag a (join [undefined] >) block into the second, note that the last is the true one.
  4. It says that the type of a JS function is undefined
  5. it should add another type called JSfunction

I'm guessing you left out the ring, so you were asking whether the thing that the JS Function reports is of type whatever.

No. The JS function block reports a JS function:

Process.prototype.reportJSFunction = function (parmNames, body) {
    return Function.apply(

Oh, maybe you're right. I'll think about it on the airplane -- gotta run!

Good catch. It should identify as reporter type. Will change. Thanks!