Jonathan Bowers Array Notation in Snap!

WARNING: Use with caution. If you put in huge numbers or many entries, it will take forever. It's like those things where you know it's correctly programmed and everything, but because of things like the end of the universe, the computer won't make it in time.

I failed to compute Tetradecal as operations of the 4th parameter beyond 3 only displayed {a,b,c} and not {a,b,c,d}, so I came back with one that allows any parameter!
Before anyone says something like
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The original Tetradecal contained a lot of custom blocks but still wouldn't work, so I made it without using custom blocks and it works better, except for one problem.
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Info about this notation and how big it is: Array notation

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I don't know what to reply. Those are big scripts.

I know this might take a little long to explain remembering last time but what does this do?

<a,b> = a^b
<a,b,c,#> = <a,<a,b-1,c,#>,c-1,#>
<a,b,1...1,c,#> = <a,a...a, <a,b-1,1...1,c,#>,c-1,#>

Are there any examples of this with a few steps?

<a,b,2> = a^^b = a^a^a^... b times
<a,b,3> = a^^^b = a^^a^^a^^... b times
<a,b,c> = a{c}b = a{c-1}a{c-1}... b times where a{2}b is a{1}a{1}... b times
<a,b,1,2> = a{{1}}b = a{a{a{...}a}a}a b times
<a,b,c,d> = a{{...{{c}}...}}b = a{..{c-1}..}a{..{c-1}..}... b times = a{..{a}..}a, but minus one bracket from last time.
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