Join our team (Part 1)

Yeah why

I was thinking about console based game but never mind but I was also thinking about an instead of text based we can have like top down kinda style

Anyone agree?

Eh, we could do like a top down doungen crawler, idk if that’s been done on snap

I like that idea

I think it’s good I think we should go with it?


Sure, yeah. That seems cool.

Ummm. So pax I think you start with the base of the game then cookieclickerer does the improvements and adds stuff and I add stuff if I need to

the way we are gonna send it to eachother is through project urls you folks agree?

Uh, sure. I wasn't expecting to be making the base, but I could try.


Nothing sorry

I think I have made a joystick before I’ll see if I can find it

Nice, making it mobile compatible.

Nah I can’t find it rip, I’ll just make another one no biggie

Oh, alright.

Actually maybe I made it in scratch and not snap, I’ll look

While you folks are doing that I will brain storm some things for so I can help

costume1 (5)
So, I may or may not have made the base player sprite out of pixels...
Would this still work?