Join our team (Part 1)

Or how about an mod of this Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Sorry but I code on I pad :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you give me some stuff to put in the ideagen

Me too

I have an iPad too

I also have autism but that is off topic and why am I sharing that idk

So do I

I know it’s hard (I do the same thing sometimes) but could you attempt to keep your posts to 1 post and or edit the topic instead of adding new comments

If a topic gets too many replies a part 2 topic is made and the user who made it no longer gets treated like the owner of the topic, it also clutters things

I will try not too

I get it can be hard but just try to instead of making multiple posts edit your already made one to include what you where gonna post seperatly

I will give you stuff to put in the idea gen: theme: it says the theme/themes can be: horror, and sad, and happy, and the title can be made using an technique where it makes random letters and puts them together in an order that makes sense

So, wait, what's the first thing we're working on?

A game idea generator

Any ideas for genera?

You know what how about I pull up a game idea generator and then we make a game off of that? Or we can continue with this or we can make a mod of this Snap! Build Your Own Blocks ?

A mod for a terminal?

No it’s an os called Snap!nix it has an bootloader and an kernel

Try typing in startx

I can’t really do anything with that, nor do I know what you can do to “mod” it

But sure get an idea from a game gen

I got


Build The Level You Play




Lost Love

Do you want me to try again?

I don’t think text based is a good idea because snap renders text slow and I can’t test anything

Do you know js?