John Lennon's Birthday is Today! (a gift to Lennon)

hi!! so 2day is john lennons bday, who was a magnificent singer-songwriter of the beatles! plz check out my bday gift 2 him:

Happy birthday John!

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

happy birthday Lennon

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happy birthday... someone I don't know...

this guy on the right a7
he was apart of the beatles

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btw, I don't listen to the beetles

the beatles were the most popular band of all time yet you dont listen 2 them? this is so sad alexa play dont worry kyoko

(btw, this is a joke xD its fine if you dont listen 2 them! :grinning: )

I've heard of them, but I listen to classical music. I can't stand anything other than classical, and video game music. btw, I listen to mario/zelda music everyday (when I'm on my computer. It's boring to not listen to music while I'm on my computer), but mostly mario music.

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whos your fave classicial musician? mine is tchaikovsky

uh... I listen to orchestra music, music with more than one person playing it. I also don't pay any attention to who is playing it. I like most classical music.

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alright. do you watch 2setviolin? theyre classical musicians who make comedy on yt

yeah, I'm subscribed

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That's hilarious! Kind of like, I don't know, "All I eat is vegetables, and bacon cheeseburgers." Especially given the force of "I can't stand," rather than just, "I don't really like." Thanks for making me laugh...

I mean, don't misunderstand, you can like whatever you want; I'm not making fun of your taste. It was just such an unexpected end to the sentence.

I am member of an 'Oxymoron Appreciation Society', too.

lol, it didn't even sound like you were making fun of my taste (well, at least to me)