Joecooldoo's Feedback Center (Cloud)

Use these blocks to send feedback to me!
Feedback to Joecooldoo (Snap!)
Use Feedback to Joecooldoo script pic to send feedback!

How to Put it In Your Own Game

Step 1:

Reference Image 1

Enter edit mode in the Send Feedback block.
Change the RED outlined area to your own Cloud ID. (See Reference Image 1)

Step 2:

Reference Image 2

Reference Points

Exit edit mode.
Enter edit mode in the Feedback block.
Change the RED outlined area to the Cloud ID you assigned earlier. Then change the purple outlined area to your username. (See Reference Image 2)

Step 3:

Exit edit mode.

Add these variables:

  • varcache
  • server
  • cloudid

Step 4:

Reference Image 3

Click the File Button, and press "Export Blocks...", (See Reference Image 3) and select a destination.

Step 5:

Reference Image 4

Go to the project you would like to import the blocks in.
Then press file, and press "Import...". (See Reference Image 4) Then select the Feedback Blocks xml, and press "Open".
The blocks should then appear in the "variables" palette at the very bottom.

did it work?
edit: done

You said "Oh hi"


Cloud vars.

ok so we can talk to you but not on the forums?

Its just for feedback. Lets say you encounter some bug in one of my games. You can use that block to tell me whats wrong.

ok. wait how many games do you have?

idk. not relevant to the topic though.

I want to test them.

You already did:

I mean the projects

Just import the blocks into a project and try it! You will need to add these variables:

  • varcache
  • server
  • cloudid

Then the system should work fine.

and I can message you but not anyone else?

anyone else can contact me.

I ment I can't message anyone else

Well, if you keed using the feedback block.

I see you sent something.


? Also cool!