JIT compiler

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I mean, thanks for the birthday gift but like, thats a long time

Turbosnap is for pros not n88bs

Tl;dr:Use javascript or even c++ if you really really really want to do a computation intensitive work,since compilers and interpeters gobble up time

Turbosnap is just supposed to compile projects to javascript so they run faster

and complie to bad code
half of compilers just attach a running environment
a quarter of compilers make bad code in terms of redundancy

what does "attach a running environment" even mean?
compiling to javascript is definitely a lot better than interpreting with javascript, it's the entire reason turbowarp works

it means to provide a canvas

yep and directly writing in js is more faster

it means to provide a canvas

that's what snap does already, it has nothing to do with compiling, it's just what's required to run it, either by compiling or interpreting

yep and directly writing in js is more faster

will you rewrite all my projects and remixes in js more faster for me?
preferably in realtime, but if that isn't possible then within 10 seconds
the computer does it that fast :slight_smile:

(don't take this as an insult i'm just making a point)

Nope(your projects have too much sprites and scripts which are not easy to manage)
But I would do that to my projects which are organized for the javascript structure(i can even find the requestanimationframe loop,plus there are no sprites in my project so i just need to codify some move blocks and pen blocks to canvas functions)

ps:finding which key is pressed is definitly harder in snap than in js

if you can't but the compiler can, that's why i would use the compiler

i make snap projects so that other people can easily work with them and add to them without having to learn javascript

your projects aren't very laggy and they are not organized for javascript
you should organize them to javascript if you really really want them in javascript lol

its easy

i can write in javascript just fine, i'm explicitly choosing not to, and i don't want my projects in javascript. if i wanted to use javascript i would take full advantage of it, not limit myself to a weird and clunky subset of both languages where i manually maintain both, it wouldn't accomplish anything useful.
i make snap projects so that other people can easily work on it

i don't think i've ever seen anyone else that has learned javascript but is too impatient to look through snap features or spend some time trying to solve novel problems in the language

Uh fine maybe im just too stuck to javascript