Javascript extensions : save it with the project!


save this with the project plz : warn me the first time i save the project if you want, but it is very annoying to enable this parameter everytime i load MY OWN project...

plz !!

Of course we're not going to save it with the project! That would defeat the whole purpose.

Maybe we should enable JS when you load a project from your own account. That's not likely to be in 7.0 (which is behind schedule) but we'll consider it after that.

I was thinking earlier, maybe saving it with the project and user, i.e. if I make a project and I share it with JS on, anytime I open the project, JS would be on, but if someone else opens it, they have to turn it on manually.

What if the creator of the project changes the JS between you turning on JS and the next time you load the project?

Remove the flag that says to turn on JS.

You guys are making this way too complicated. JSFunction isn't our favorite feature in the first place. We're doing you, y'all specifically, a favor by not just flushing it. We're not going to build a super complicated permission system; life's too short. I think it's reasonable to allow JS automatically when you run your own project and we'll probably get around to doing that.

if its gonna save the settings for ALL users who visit the project, it will be bad when users create unsafe javascript projects that can steal your personal information (like username and password)

you can already get the user's username easily, and I think they were talking about specifically when you load one of your own projects

i know but i just wanted to say the problem about it saving for all users

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