Javascript extensions at the moment

I haven't been here for a year and I don't know what happened in the end with the javascript problem. I think Snap's own extensions were going to be allowed to run in the next version. What happened in the end?

The question comes because I am reviewing old projects that I had saved and some have stopped working and I don't know if I have to do something special to make them come back.

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Older projects might still be able to be opened and run with the last V6

Make sure you don't open and save them using the current version - just stick with the old version

If what doesn't work for you is from a Snap! library:

  1. Open your project in the current version of Snap!.
  2. Reload the library or libraries.
  3. The project should now run. Save it.

(Exception: If the library that doesn't work is the Getters and Setters one, you have to turn on JavaScript Extensions every time you load it. Sorry. Long story.)

If what doesn't run is your own JavaScript code: See if you can use one of our libraries instead. If not, you'll have to turn on JavaScript Extensions every time you load the project.

Thanks, @bh .

How can I do step 2.?

And one last question, are the snap extension libraries still working? I've been trying to access it all morning, but I get a banner that says "Loading...whatever" indefinitely.

Its a little bug - the library gets loaded - just click on the Import and carry on

Thanks @cymplecy :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Is there somewhere a list of the extensions of each category? It's just that I'm trying to do what @bh says, but the project keeps complaining when I click on certain sprites (trash can, for example) and I don't see anything that I haven't already imported.

The project is this.

Thanks in advance.

The problem is that some blocks no longer exist...

For example, the image block no longer exists in the current version of Snap.

If you don't want to modify all the code, you could modify only the block in question like this:

Question: do you have several other projects that no longer work?

If so, one solution would be to make your own library containing your own version of these blocks and then import this library into one of your old projects.

Another example:
has been replaced by
New version of the block:
(we can't put the attribute directly in the 1st slot because this slot is read-only)(i use severals IF instead)

Example of library:

1)Make a new category:
2)Modify old blocks: click on the hat block anc modify the category
3)Save your library (export block)

Thanks for the idea @loucheman, I'll give it a try.

Just use call to put it into the first slot.

Oh, i miss it thk

The same way you loaded the library the first time: File menu>Libraries.

If any of the library blocks have changed their appearance, e.g. the change from an Object-shaped input to a text input that loucheman mentioned (although he was talking about a primitive), you have to change your code to call the new version.

I'm not positive I understand what you're asking, but I think it's this: In the File menu, choose "Export blocks..." That will open a window in which all the non-primitive blocks in your project are listed. After you find what you're looking for, you can just click Cancel on that window, because you don't really want to export a block library.

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