Javascript extension run in Presentation mode

Hi all!
I cannot get the Javascript extensions to work when I start the activity in presentation mode, as a warning message appears.
Can anyone help me figure out how to fix this and if I'm making some mistakes in programming?
Thank you

cuz Vars.state.rules.enableJSFunctions===false(mindustry)
and /gamerule doJSFunctions gives you false(minecraft)

well why is this flagged?im sorta stating the truth with some humor

Due to security concerns, Snap! projects that use JavaScript are not allowed to run without a user enabling it in the editor first

hello @cymplecy
is there anything to do to auto enable javascript?

No - like I said - it's done this way due to security issues

mh....not even doing a personal snap installation on a owned server?

Yes you can remove the js limitation on your own version of snap

Also you can use the dev console to enable js functions
which arent a security hole cuz it only effects yourself

I would imagine, too, you could create a userscript/bookmarklet/thing to do this.


oops this only works in editor,in presentation you would have to carry on one more iframe

These are super helpful! Thank you so much!

i have them in my bookmark list too now :slight_smile:
(the bookmark list is just a list of a tags,and you can insert arbitary href)

I think I might make a mod to do this. It won't take long.

nah if you do a mod just change threads.js 607 to true

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